hello fellow gamers...

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hello fellow gamers...

Postby mamboKatz » Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:06 pm

My name is John, AKA MamboKatz (BF4)

I live in New Westminster BC - was born and raised on the west coast. Somewhat mature and generally laid back dude. I love Beaver and Beer !!! and a steak for dinner every now and then. Ride a Harley in the summer months so not online a lot. Drive truck for a living and love being on wheels.

Looking for a clan of guys that enjoy fun and comradery - squading up and getting into tactical win - win situations under TS. I'm definitely not a hot shot player or competitor though, and I know when to tone it down on the battlefield. I've played FPS since BF Bad Company 2 so approximately 4 years and several hundred hours of joy mixed with pain and frustration :P

My PC is pretty nice sporting a large 42" LCD flat panel and 24" secondary LED Monitor
Intel Mobo, quad core processor, 2 x 240GB Intel SSD's, Asus 7890 2GB GPU and Logitech G510s KB and g700 mouse. Headset/mike is a Sennheiser PC 350 SE

Will join u all under TS soon.

John W.
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Re: hello fellow gamers...

Postby Bob Munden » Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:57 pm

Welcome John. That sounds like a pretty badass pc you have there. I'm sure the game looks amazing on the 42inch display too.

Looking forward to seeing you on TS.
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Bob Munden
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Re: hello fellow gamers...

Postby TomasGunz » Fri Feb 07, 2014 8:19 am

Welcome John to the Beaver Forum. I havent had a chance to go a few rounds with you yet.

Us Islanders wont hold a grudge against you mainlanders. lol.

Good to have you onboard.

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Re: hello fellow gamers...

Postby dr22 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 8:31 am

Hey there John. Glad to see ya make it this far. lol It's great to have you here look around take all that aint nailed down. haha. We are a clan of gamers with the idea of members first and the game next , most of the time. lol. I like the idea of Harley riders and truck drivers I have done both myself before the back went out. I am 67 years old. Hope you are close. haha Hope to see ya on ts soon. Live to ride. 8)
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Re: hello fellow gamers...

Postby allfive6 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 8:37 am

Welcome John
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Re: hello fellow gamers...

Postby Xplizit~Nightstalker » Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:41 am

Hello John, and welcome!!

I apologize that I didn't have it up earlier, but I just posted a topic on joining the clan.

Hope to see you on TS and the server soon!

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Re: hello fellow gamers...

Postby b_a_aB-35 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 3:11 pm

Welcome John!
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