What is FerociousBeaver.com about?

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What is FerociousBeaver.com about?

Postby PrivateJer » Sun Jul 01, 2007 3:52 pm

Ferocious Beaver is a community/clan gaming site, established in 2007, primarily serving Western Canada, the Pacific Northwest, and the Western US. We are an over-18 community and all enjoy gaming for leisure. We are not a 'competition' clan that sets out for league/tournament play. We have gathered here because we all share the same type of vision - to enjoy each other's company and play in a tight-knit community.

The clan has a server based in Seattle, and is currently specializing in Electronic Arts' Battlefield series - primarily Battlefield 4. http://www.ferociousbeaver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=126&t=12265 The server location allows a lower ping for most of us that live in the western region of the continent, however do enjoy the presence of all others around the globe.

Server rules are set out for each server we operate and are strongly adhered to. Server rules are meant to create a fair and competitive gaming environment. With server admins around, each server is looked after accordingly, which in turn provides a higher quality gaming experience.

We hope to catch you on the battlefield!

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