Purpose of the "Beaver Court" Forum

Kicked/Banned from a DAM Server? Want to Report a Player? This is the place - Keep it Civil!
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The Beaver Court is a forum dedicated to dispute resolution, kicked or banned clarifications and reprieves as well as reporting another player who is affecting the overall enjoyment on a DAM server. Ranting, whining without cause and generally being a doosh in this forum will likely result in a forum ban. Keep it Civil!!

Purpose of the "Beaver Court" Forum

Postby Bob Munden » Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:28 pm

The purpose of this forum is to address the following:
  • Appeal a Kick or Ban on our server
  • Report a player on our server, whether it be accusations of cheating or misbehavior
  • Address a problem with a member/server admin on our server

Please KEEP IT CIVIL. Any uncivil appeals will automatically be denied.
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