Bob's Guide to Seeding/Idling the {DAM} Servers

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Bob's Guide to Seeding/Idling the {DAM} Servers

Postby Bob Munden » Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:46 pm

Now that we have a second server running, we are going to need more help to get the servers started each morning. Here's how I idle the servers. I've found a way that is partially automated so all you need to do is make a few clicks. It can even be done remotely from your phone!

What you need:
  • Google Chrome - this only works with Google Chrome
  • BF4 Auto Seeding Chome Extension - Click here to install
  • Skami Seed Minimizer - Click here to download. If you don't have Winrar,click here to download it.
  • Optional: Teamviewer to remotely control your PC.


First, you will need to install the BF4 Auto Seeding Chrome Extension above. Go to link provided above and click on "+ Free" to install it. Restart Chrome and go to Battlelog.

Once at Battlelog, you will notice there are two new buttons at the top of your page:

Navigate to your Favorites and ensure that both {DAM} Servers are added as favorites. When you have the BF4 Auto Seeding extension installed, your favorites should look like this:

If the servers are showing as green, that means that it the extension is working. You should be able to click and drag the servers into the order shown above. You want to have the 48 player server first and the 32 player server second. This way, the Extension will seed the 48 player server, and once it gets started, it will automatically move your player to the 32 player server, until that one gets started.

Once you have your servers ordered correctly, click "Seed" on the top bar. You should get a pop up like this:

Make sure that for the 24/7 Conquest server, you set the value at 48, and for the DLC server, 32. This is how the extension will decide when to move you to the next server. When the 48 player server is half full (i.e. 24 players, including the seed), it will move you to the next server.

Once you have everything set up, all you need to do is click "Seed" again, and it will load you into the server and start the seeding/idling. Once the server is half full, it will disconnect you and move you to the next server. Once the second server is full, it will disconnect you entirely.


Use the Skami Seed Minimizer (link above) to automatically minimize your game while the seeder is running. I recommend this because if the game is minimized while you are seeding, it won't toll your video card.

All you have to do is download the .rar, extract it, and run the .exe. (It's safe, I checked.)

Click the "automatically minimize BF" so a check mark appears next to it, like this:

Now you are all ready to go. There is no reason not to idle, it really is this simple!

Don't have time to do this in the morning on your way out? Just turn on your comptuter as you are leaving and teamview in later to seed. I tested it and was able to do this from my iPhone using the teamviewer app.
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