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One of goals is to provide a fun and fair gaming environment for clan members and non-members alike. This requires securing active servers and fair and responsive administrators committed to ensuring that our server rules are upheld, and a friendly competitive environment is maintained. We also feel it is important to provide an arena outside of the server - our forum board/website - where we can all come together to discuss games and other shared interests.

We have members from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada and Alaska. A lot of dedication and self-sacrifice from our members goes in to making this clan the best and most organized online-gaming community in Western Canada, the Pacific Northwest and the Western US.

In order to maintain this community, we have a monthly goal/target of $100 USD per month in order to keep us afloat and operating problem free.

Your help - through donations - to reach this monthly target, ensures that we can meet our operating costs and continue to bring you some of the best gaming servers on the West Coast. You're donation doesn't have to be huge. Any amount you can donate on a monthly basis would be appreciated. We will be posting a list of monthly donation amounts along with donor names (you can be listed as "anonymous" if you wish) in a new thread within this section to keep everyone updated as to where our monthly target stands.

Any surplus funds are forwarded to the following month. However, when we fall short of our monthly goal, Geekoid's wallet has been kind enough to keep things running. It's not fair or right that we have him do this every month while others play regularly on here for free. All you need to do is donate a few dollars each month.

The Beaver thanks you!