Established January 2007

Ferocious Beaver is a community/clan gaming site primarily serving Western Canada, the Pacific Northwest and the Western US. We are an 18 and over community and all enjoy gaming for leisure. We are not a competition clan focused on league/tournament play. We have gathered here because we all share the same type of vision - to enjoy the company of fellow gamers and play in a tight-knit community.

The clan often runs dedicated servers usually for the Battlefield series. While the server location allows a lower ping for most of us living in the western North America, we also enjoy the presence of other gamers from around the globe.

We hope to catch you on the battlefield!

Interested in joining us? Register on the forums and introduce yourself to find out how.

{DAM} Beginnings

How {DAM} came to be...

It started years ago around Christmas 2003. I just got BF1942 for Christmas, and began playing that game. My favourite map out of all of BF1942 was Omaha Beach. Sometime in January, I met a player named PrivateJer on this one particular Omaha Beach server. We both played on the same server all the time, called Wagoogee's Moongrav Omaha. We got to know each other over the next several months and became friends.

A short time later, PrivateJer was invited to join a start-up clan called Blackhawk and used the {BH} tag. It was run by a then-14 year old player named Snoosh2danoosh. PrivateJer was the second-in-command for that clan. I was asked to join as well by the {BH} clan leader, but turned it down. PrivateJer later talked me into it and I signed up. {BH} was into clan matches that were extremely unorganized and against other unorganized clans. The third-in-command, VectorV, was 22 at the time and was the one who paid for the {BH} server which was being rented through EscapedTurkey in Texas. We primarily ran the same BF1942 Omaha Beach Moongravity. The {BH} clan was very poorly run and did not last very long.

So then PrivateJer, VectorV, and I decided to leave this kiddie clan and start up our own non-competitive community site, called Wafflezone, and give it a try. The clan name was created to align our server alphabetically and directly above the popular Wagoogee Omaha Moongrav server so that players would see our server first and directly above Wagoogee's. We took the server with us since the three of us were paying for it. The {BH} kids were upset with us as they now no longer had a server to call home, although they still played with us on occasion. Unfortunately, we didn't have the resources at the time (5 members total, including the three of us) to park our accounts on the server to keep it active and running 24/7. At this time, Battlefield Vietnam was just released, and we switched it to run this and try to popularize it as much as possible with the limited resources we had. Map rotations didn't work. It took a long time, but with some lucky trial and error, we found that server following when we changed the server name from Wafflezone to EA14-Saigon, and ran Saigon as the exclusive map. That server was very popular and had a strong following. It was during this time that I met SuperBrat. She helped us admin the server for a year until BF2 was released.

PrivateJer was losing interest in BFV and started going back to BF1942 to play on a server called 10/100 MBit, which was playing every single BF1942 Vanilla map. VectorV started up a new separate clan that was specializing in Star Wars: Jedi Knights 2. In addition, VectorV introduced the free 2D game, Soldat, to PrivateJer, and he started playing that game full-time.

The BFV Saigon server we had was converted to BF2 and we ran a map rotation. The only problem with EscapedTurkey was that they only offered BF2 as an Unranked Server. With the release of BF2, both PrivateJer and VectorV bought copies, but eventually they both turned and left. VectorV went back to Jedi Knights 2, while PrivateJer didn't like how BF2 took forever to load up a map on his slow computer in comparison to how quickly BF1942 loaded up. In August 2005, PrivateJer gave up on BF2 and went back to Soldat. With the loss of both PrivateJer and VectorV, the server was shut down, so SuperBrat and I began to play BF2 together on public servers.

It was a short time later we found the SnakePit server. The SnakePit was a Canadian clan that specialized primarily in Guild Wars, although one of their members named NOTHOLE, broke away from Guild Wars and became the leader of all things BF2 there. After playing on the SnakePit server for some time, NOTHOLE asked both of us to join. Being soured from my first clan experience, we passed, but later changed our minds and became (SP) members. I eventually helped out with (SP)'s recruiting and became the third-in-command there, behind NOTHOLE and anrchy, although the latter was absent most of the time. Both NOTHOLE and anrchy were intending to set up the clan for TWL, but it never happened. SuperBrat and I kept playing on the (SP) server for many months, meeting a number of current senior Beaver members, such as RJ, chilero, Bongz, millhous, geekoid, and many others. So after many months of playing there, I got back in touch with PrivateJer, who was wasting his life playing Soldat for almost a year, and finally convinced him to give BF2 another chance. He did and later joined the (SP) clan in July 2006. It is about this point where we became friends with geekoid, and we started to add servers to the (SP) line-up. At one point, (SP) had three BF2 servers, however it was usually only geekoid's server that was filling up at night time only. The other two servers sat empty 24/7. Eventually, they were shut down, and we were left with geekoid's BF2 server. Most of us that were playing were casual non-competitive gamers and playing it for fun, although there was very little interaction on the (SP) forum board.

When BF2142 was released in October 2006, we switched up our BF2 server for a BF2142 server. A few of (SP)'s BF2 members didn't get BF2142, so they kept playing BF2 elsewhere. During one night, PrivateJer, geekoid and I were jokingly talking about starting up a new clan with a different name. geekoid randomly came up with ferociousbeaver, which had a nice ring to it, so he registered the domain name. We never thought we would use it though.

Things were still going strong up until we had the “arnchy event” for Christmas 2006. This single person caused a large number of (SP) members to leave, and started off with geekoid leaving the clan, followed by myself, millhous, chilero, PrivateJer, RileyJones, SuperBrat, and many more. (SP)'s BF2 clan was 28 members strong up until that fateful week. Eventually, 22 members left (SP)'s BF2 clan, and when the dust settled, there were 6 members remaining in (SP).

After the “anrchy event”, geekoid, PrivateJer, and myself made the choice to start up a new community/clan site. Since geekoid already had the domain, we chose to go ahead with this as our new clan name, and see who followed us to our new home. 18 of the 22 former (SP) members came to, including us three.

So now you know how {DAM} got started.